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leo and yixing together x 2 / leo whispering to luhan / ken having an animated conversation with baekhyun / chanyeol pointing out the camera to hakyeon x 2 / ravi and tao interacting (ft. hongbin, hyuk and kyungsoo behind them) / ravi reaching over to speak to suho / hakyeon and xiumin talking and dancing

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Yixing’s ‘sexy dance’ on SSTP

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Yixing’s reaction after listening to Suho’s message for him: “To Lay who is too kind, I get worried for your health because you’re always composing and practising so late. I must buy you health drinks at least.” (x)

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It’s already 2013 here in the UK but we’d just like to wish all of our lovely followers a very Happy New Year! We hope you have a wonderful 2013 ♥ Here’s to another year of updates, fanprojects and happy sobbing with you all and Yixing! ^w^

Love, Admin J & L

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生日快乐 张艺兴! To our dear and darling one star, Zhang Yixing~ may you have a birthday filled with love and joyous celebration, a life filled with happiness and success, and may the stars never be out of your grasp.

I wish the most beautiful day for the person in whom only beauty flourishes.

Happy birthday, Zhang Yixing!
Love from,
Jennifer (more: [+] [+])
生日快乐! To our one and only star, may you have the happiest of days, may all your dreams come true, and may you reach the highest point in the sky because you deserve that place the most.

Happy birthday! ♥
From Linda (more: [+] [+])

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Yixing and Onew

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Yixing and Kai high fiving
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